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Preparing for Class

Make sure to stay well hydrated before your first class. It may take a few sessions to get accustomed to the heat. No worries if you don't have a mat or towel - we've got covered for your first visit. We also offer a water fountain, showers, and towels for your convenience. Your initial class is on us, so feel free to reserve your spot online through our class schedule page."

Which Class is best for me?

We offer classes for all levels, providing modifications when needed and encouraging new students to proceed at their own pace and take breaks as necessary. We also offer a few gently heated classes that are perfect for beginners, as well as our Yin Class which offers a deep stretching experience suitable for all ages.

Additionally, our hot vinyasa class is designed for individuals who prefer a slower paced workout that still challenges all levels of students. For those seeking a more dynamic workout, our hot fusion class is a perfect blend of vinyasa and standing/balancing postures, with a faster pace that challenges even the most experienced yogis.

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