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New Students What to Expect

Make sure you are hydrated before your first class.  It takes a few classes to get used to the heat.  

We supply the mat and towel for your first visit, or bring you own if you have them. 

We have water fountain, showers and towels for you to borrow.

Your first class to the studio is free, you can reserve online on our class schedule page 

Yoga Stretches

Which of your classes is best suited for me?

Our classes are all levels, we provide modifications as needed and encourage new students to go at their own pace and take breaks when needed.  We have a few gently heated classes suitable for new students and our Yin Class is a deep stretching class, great for expecting moms, new students and any age group.

Our hot vinyasa is a slower moving class that will challenge any level student.  Hot fusion is a challenging blend of vinyasa and standing/balancing postures, a little more fast paced.

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